About Us

One of the basic principles of the company’s activity is abiding the legislation

The holding “BT-Tabac Holding” SRL, which includes the company Tabacco Trade SRL, is a leading company that deals with a full range of tobacco production, starting from sowing tobacco seeds and growing its own tobacco plantations, curing and processing of tobacco, producing cigarettes, packaging and preparing tobacco products for sale. Every year, the company works regularly on increasing the quantity of grown tobacco, which helps us use our own raw material in our production.

Our company currently has three departments of production of filtered cigarettes, where are exploited two filtered cigarette brand lines «MOLLINS» (MARK8+MAX15+HLP180 etc.) and one brand line «HAUNI Protos», that makes long filtered cigarettes with dual filter rods, aroma capsule filtered cigarettes, as well as triple filtered cigarettes (recessed dual filter rods) with ventilation with the possibility to make perforations on the above-mentioned filters.

We also have a department on production of non-filtered cigarettes, where 5 «Dekajet» brand lines are exploited.

The company also has a department of tobacco processing and production of mixed tobacco articles. The mixed tobacco articles are made using high-quality technology HAUNI (capacity 2000 kg per hour), which insures the production of high-quality mixed tobacco articles using different types of tobacco.

The Tabacco Trade SRL company has a workshop for the production of hookah mixtures. In the production of hookah tobacco, high-quality Golden Virginia tobacco and high-quality food flavorings from leading German manufacturers are used. Hookah tobacco is produced using high-quality equipment.

Today, BT-Tabac Holding SRL is the first enterprise in the south of the Republic of Moldova that has an integrated management system: quality – environment – health and safety, based on international standards ISO 9001.

«BT-Tabac Holding» Ltd is currently the first company to the South of the Republic of Moldova with an integrated management system: quality – environment – health and security of work, that works in compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 standards, certified by the National Certification Body, this system permitted us extend the variety of products in a short period of time, as well as raise its quality.

«BT-Tabac Holding» Ltd is currently one of the leading sales company in the Republic of Moldova, that produces cigarettes of its own trademarks, which are famous both, in the Republic of Moldova and abroad, such as: «REGLAMENT», «MONARCH», «PEGAS», «ПРИМА CLASSIC», «СТОЛИЧНЫЕ», «ГЕРЦЕГОВИНА ФЛОР», «MEZAGE», «GUVERNATOR», «SENATOR», «MILITARY», «LABYRINTH», «ASTRA» and others (oval cigarettes group). The outputs of the company are presented with different price lists, which helps us answer our consumers’ and customers’ needs.

Since we are a well-known company, we acknowledge the importance of the process of production, promotion and sales of our outputs, focusing our activity on principles of social responsibility and responsible attitude towards the environment. One of the basic principles of the company’s activity is abiding the legislation, as well as the business management rules and standards, insuring sound and secure work environment.