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Are made for smokers who know what real tobacco is having high requirements regarding the quality and aesthetic look of cigarettes.

BT-Tabac Holding has expanded its product range and entered the Moldovan market with a new format of Queen size cigarettes. Queen size cigarettes in the assortment presented on the site are designed for the middle income consumers.

Stolichnye, Guvernator, Military, Monarch, Royal King, Herzegovina Flor, Pegas have a strong and rich taste, for those who prefer classic smoking, while Mezage, Complement, Astra, Prima, Reglament are light cigarettes. New brands of cigarettes were developed by BT-Tabac Holding specialists, in partnering with leading technologists, from selected varieties of Burley, Virginia, Oriental tobacco of various countries of origin.

Cigarettes with a short filter
Short Description of Cigarillos

SC «BT-Tabac Holding» Ltd launched several brands of non-filter cigarillos. Cigarilla is a type of smoking product made of cigar or other tobacco raw materials and can have several layers. Cigarilla is an intermediate product in the range of such smoking products as cigars and cigarettes. Its format may be similar to both, cigars and cigarettes.

Cigarillos serve for people as an alternative to more expensive cigars. According to the manufacturing method, cigarillos can be of two types: handmade and machine made cigars. Most cigarillos are machine made. The filling of cigarillos is a mixture of cut or scutched tobacco, with both ends initially cut off. Thus, there might be no use of a “guillotine” to cut it in the future.

Cigarillos are also less sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations, which can damage the quality of cigars and do not require special devices for their storage. Compared to cigars, cigarillos have a wider flavor spectrum. The composition of the tobacco mixture in the filling of cigarillos sometimes includes up to twenty different types of tobacco from different regions. This is possible only in case the filling is made of cut tobacco.

Today, cigarillos have become popular due to time-saving features. Also, cigarillos are an ideal solution for those who are already tired of smoking cigarettes, but are not ready yet to switch to cigars. Cigarillos differ from regular cigarettes by their slow burning characteristics.

This is a huge advantage for smokers who want to smoke a truly high-quality and aromatic product. Cigarillos are more affordable than cigars. Cigarillos pre-smoking and smoking processes do not require much time. And yet, this is not a trivial cigarette. It is a great pleasure to smoke a cigarillo, in particular a cigarillo made of 100% tobacco.

It is much easier to smoke cigarillos than cigars. People can smoke cigarillos while walking, like cigarettes, and smoking does not require much time, special conditions or tools. On the market there is a huge variety of types of cigarillos that fill the gap between a cigarette and a cigar: some cigarillos have identical form and composition as cigarettes. Others, on the contrary, cannot be distinguished from a small cigar.

The affordable cost of these cigarillos undoubtedly makes the very popular. It is important to emphasize that this cost means high quality as well. We carefully select high-quality varieties of tobacco for the manufacture of cigarillos. At the end, we get a true, soft and rich aroma of the finished product.

Our cigarillo brands comprise outstanding aroma, natural tobacco flavors and sweet aftertaste. The composition is balanced, delighting smokers and introducing beginners to the art of smoking natural tobacco. In our cigarillos we use only a 100% blend of high quality natural tobacco without additives, wrapped in special paper made of tobacco leaf. Cigarillos are a product for true connoisseurs of their time and taste of true quality tobacco. Our cigarillos meet these requirements.

Filtered Cigarillos
Cigarillos with a short filter

«Tabacco Trade» company products

Short Description of Tobacco and Non-Tobacco Chewing Mixtures

In our time of endless fashion and non-fashion innovations, we are used to seeing and trying something new. Chewing mix (snus) is this kind of innovation. Some probably have not even heard of it and do not know what it is. Although in some countries, such as Sweden, it has been used since 1637.

What is the chewing mixture (snus) and why is it needed at all? We can say that this is a substitute for smokers. This is becoming more and more popular and it’s now easier than ever to buy snus. You can order it online, or you can yourself choose and buy chewing mixtures in the CIS and EU countries.

So, the chewing mixture (snus) is smokeless ground tobacco. You can usually place a small portion between the lower (upper) lip and the gum. Nicotine is absorbed through the mucosa. It is a very convenient way when you don’t have the possibility to smoke a cigarette, and the body requires its share of nicotine. It is also very useful if you are about to quit smoking. First, it cuts off the need to smoke from time to time. Second, the dose of nicotine can be gradually reduced. The snus causes much less harm than regular cigarettes.

Tobacco and Non-Tobacco Chewing Mixtures
Short Description of Smoking Tobacco

High-quality cigarette tobacco MONARCH, PEGAS (American blend) is a light brown fine tobacco for hand-made cigarettes or cigarettes made by machine. The tobacco blend consists of carefully selected high-quality Virginia, Berley tobaccos from various growing areas. The excellent tobacco bouquet has no aromatizing agents. Rich cigarette tobacco MONARCH, PEGAS in a sealed soft package of 50 g is suitable for smokers who want to try a balanced taste of tobacco with average nicotine content. Tobacco leaves for the mix are processed by hand, guaranteeing excellent quality of the finished tobacco blend and comfort in the manufacture of cigarettes.

Smoking Tobacco
Short Description of Grape Aroma aromatic mixtures

Tabacco Trade Ltd produces Grape Aroma aromatic mixtures. The aromatic mixture based on Grape Aroma grapes is a unique product of Tabacco Trade Ltd experts. Technologists of the enterprise apply all known quality concepts based on such properties as smell, elegance, perception, aroma duration and uniqueness. The aromatic mixture is made of dried berries of selected grapes.

The main goal of this product is to eliminate unpleasant smells and fill the air with the rich aroma of ripe juicy grapes. The aromatic mixture is based on natural ingredients and has an insignificant, but persistent flavour. This mixture is suitable for odorizing houses and offices, car interiors and furniture. To do this, you need to pierce the bag with a needle at the top in several places and hang it on a thread in a room, car or wardrobe, preventing the mixture from flowing.

Grape Aroma does its job perfectly, without requiring any special manipulations for efficient operation.

The preparation of raw materials for the manufacture of this product is of great importance and is crucial for obtaining a high-quality product.

The mixture is prepared according to its own technology from grapes. Then, special ingredients are added, to make a high quality air freshener. To create a rich and complete aroma of this mixture, we use natural food flavors made by leading European manufacturers. Flavors only complete the natural aroma of grapes used in this mixture.

Aromatic mixtures