Inter-Tabac Ltd carries out a full cycle of production of tobacco and tobacco articles

Inter-Tabac Ltd releases outputs of its own trademarks and carries out a full cycle of production of tobacco and tobacco articles, which includes the preparation of tobacco lots, treatment and processing of tobacco leaves, as well as the direct manufacturing of cigarettes.

The production process is supplied with a complex of specialized departments and lots for preparing and processing oriental (“Oriental Blend”), British (“Virginia Blend”) and American (“American Blend”) cut tobacco blends and for preparing filtered and non-filtered cigarettes. The departments are supplied with high-efficiency production lines and modern control and measuring equipment of well-known engineering companies such as: HAUNI, MOLLINS, COMAS and other leading world companies.

The production capacity of tobacco section on tobacco processing industry and preparation of tobacco blends is about 4 million kg of tobacco raw material per year, out of which cigarette manufacturing sections produce 3 billion cigarettes per year.

Tobacco blend, format of cigarettes, construction, design, are developed in accordance with the consumer’s needs and market requirements. Special attention is paid to the production of cigarettes with a low concentration of resin and nicotine.

Over many years, the company has produced and has monitored the movement of its products to the consumer throughout Republic of Moldova and abroad.  It has also implemented its own tobacco production distribution system on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The company has the possibility to distribute products using special means of transportation to any place of the country in the shortest possible time.

Today, Inter-Tabac Ltd is actively investing in the new generation of high-performance equipment, modern information technology and automatic logistics.

The department of tobacco industrial processing and preparation of tobacco mixtures