Tobacco Fermentation

The company performs fermentation with the help of the modern equipment

One of the fields of activity of «BT-Tabac Holding» Ltd is tobacco fermentation. The «BT-Tabac Holding» process starting from preparing the tobacco raw material to releasing finished products is fully automatic.

The company performs fermentation with the help of the modern equipment provided by the well-known company “HAUNI” which has the capacity of 5,200 tons of tobacco per year using computer control system to control the process of production of tobacco blends (bags for raw materials).

Fermentation is a chemical process that converts organic substances into inorganic chemicals under the influence of moisture and temperature, forming new compounds. Tobacco fermentation forms and strengthens the tobacco leaf quality indicators such as: smoke aroma and flavor, which are necessary for using tobacco in smoking articles. As a result of fermentation, the starch and other hydrocarbons into sugar, the concentration of nicotine decreases and protein compounds change into more simple substances.

Over many years of activity, the company developed a full fermentation cycle according to two technological schemata: to obtain high quality fermented tobacco and strip tobacco.

To produce oriental-type tobacco, the company is supplied with special technology lines for preparing the tobacco for fermentation, follows all the necessary technological operations such as: loosening, cleaning of mineral impurities, sheet sorting, mixing to insure uniformity of tobacco in formed standard packages.

Virginia and Burley large leaf tobacco is processed by the company using modern equipment and machinery “HAUNI” with the capacity of 5,200 tons per year, including such processes as: separation of the upper part of leaves, stripping, vein (fiber) removal and high temperature re-drying, processing, packaging in large bales weighting up to 35 kg, followed by fermentation.

The use of modern technology, the professional development of technological operations by experienced employees of the company makes the raw tobacco processing continuous and straight-line, decreasing the deadline of raw tobacco production and improving its quality.


«BT-Tabac Holding» Ltd Company has the possibility to fulfill any kind of tobacco raw material technological process in the following order meeting the requirements of its customers:


Receipt and sorting of tobacco in accordance with indicators, along with the requirements and according to the client’s needs;


Formation of homogeneous lots following the quality indicators and conditions of storage before fermentation;


Tobacco processing according to a specially-developed technological schema and baling;


Tobacco fermentation;


General grading and preparation of tobacco for export;


Tobacco processing with nonstandard indicators;


Clearing and processing of small pieces of tobacco leaf.