Grape Aroma Fruity Chewing Gum (plastic pack of 500 grams)

The aromatic mixture based on grapes, Grape Aroma Fruity Chewing Gum (plastic pack of 500 grams) is a unique product of the specialists of Tabacco Trade Ltd. The aromatic mixture is made of dried berries of selected grapes with the aroma of fruit bubble gum.

The main objective of this product is to eliminate unpleasant odors and fill the air with the rich aroma. The aromatic mixture is based on natural ingredients and has an insignificant, but persistent aroma. This mixture is suitable for odorizing houses and offices, car interiors and furniture.

The mixture is prepared based on a special technological process from grapes which are added ingredients that provide high quality air freshener. To create a rich and full flavor of this mixture, we use natural food flavors from leading European manufacturers. Flavors only complement the natural aroma of grapes used in this mixture.