Security Parameters:

Resins: — 10 mg/cigarette.

Nicotine: — 1,0 mg/cigarette.

СО: — 10 mg/cigarette.

Filtered Cigarettes PEGAS – mean high quality and affordable price. They are made of different types of tobacco such as: Virginia, Oriental and special ingredients. These blends will definitely make one dizzy with their deep aroma. The delicate classical design of Pegas cigarettes packs fully complies with its content. Namely the classical tobacco makes this brand special, significant and attractive. These cigarettes are manufactured from time-proven high-quality tobacco blends, in combination with the best traditions only Inter-Tabac Ltd uses.

PEGAS cigarettes occupy a deserved place on the market and are currently the leading brand in the Republic of Moldova and abroad. This brand of cigarettes has gained smokers’ appreciation long time ago.  Pegas cigarettes are made for smokers who know what real tobacco is having high requirements regarding the quality and aesthetic look of cigarettes.