The quantity of harmful substances in cigarillos:

Resins:-11,3 mg/cig.

Nicotine:-1,42 mg/cig.

СО:- 11,0 mg/cig.

Non-filter cigarillos ASTRA are presented in a classic-style pack of 20 machine-made cigarillos.

The classic and strict design of the pack is fully consistent with the content. The pack is quite bright, cute and memorable.

These cigarillos contain a mixture of cut tobacco, selected according to the strength, aroma and color of cigars and other selected varieties of tobacco such as Virginia, Burley and Oriental. The filling is wrapped in a special paper from brown homogenized tobacco.

Cigarillos have a pleasant tobacco aroma, without any artificial flavors.

They have a strong, dense, saturated and not sweet taste. The taste is stable. It reveals quickly and doesn’t change to the very end. Unlike most European cigarillos of this level, the smoke is stronger and more natural.

Cigarillos ASTRA are created for smokers who know a lot about tobacco, with high demands on quality and appearance. Cigarillos good to be used at any time of the day, especially if you prefer strong tobacco!